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Supporting Community Service Heroes & Staff Families!

Store managers welcome to our website board, designed to guide our Partnership communication and updates with managers,
of our Rover Outpost resource to communities across the Midwest Region.

Thank you for your participation in Investing to support Funding of our Outpost Rover Service Dog mission!

Rover Outpost offers an innovative “Total Person-Health Resource”…commitment to your community and staff.

  • Disabled Veteran / 1st Responder – Rover placement
  • Hero Survivor – Children – Rover Puppy placement

Partnership Benefits When You Approve a Grant

  • Interactive – School Life Resource / Interactive Rover Service Dog available to visit schools in your community
    Mercedes, Jet Baer, Shaeba, Troyae, Taesha, Polaer Baer, Trigger, Naekota, Laela, and Rocket Blonde are available to help your Teachers & Students
  • Rover Service Dog Guidance Tool / Teaching Module for Students
  • Vitality & Discovery Support Resource Module – for Staff & Teachers
Rover Service Dog Guidance Tool / Teaching Module for Students

An interactive guidance resource to help support students classroom functioning, learning & talent discovery. This is an opportunity to develop a Collaboration with a School and provide staff with an interactive guidance resource; by placing an Outpost Rover Service Dog in school to support student learning, talent discovery, communication skills, and total personal health. The initial plan is for the Outpost Rover to serve in a school as a Rov-ing placement for a period of time until an opportunity evolves to place the Outpost Service Dog with a community Service Hero-family. Outpost Rover Service Dog placement to a Hero can potentially include input from the School staff team- including student networking input, to the Outreach with Heart In America Outpost – Creative Life Resources.

School Staff – Vitality Support Resource

Outpost Rovers possess a temperament-intelligence to engage with Humans for interactive communication, support, affirmation, and validation to a Teacher, Counselor or Administrator, with an Outpost Rover Service Dog on campus.

Outpost Rovers/Heart In America Outpost Innovation

The spontaneous Life Learning Resource for Staff & Students is available when an Outpost Rover Service Dog is placed into the Leaning-Teaching-Coaching environment.

  • Life Skills Learning Module
  • Life Navigation
  • Validation – Affirmations Resource vs. Systematic Data – Reports Exchange
  • Communication & Interactive Connections
  • Innovation Capabilities
  • Talent Discovery

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