Rover Outpost Partnership – Walmart

Thank you for your participation, investing in our

Rover Service Dog Mission

Benefits as a Walmart Partner with Rover Service Dog Outpost offers an innovative “Total Person-Health Resource” Partnership commitment to your Community & Walmart Family Network.

  • Walmart Staff Access to Virtual Learning Module – Health Vitality Boost Resource
  • Disabled Veterans / 1st Responder – Rover placement -0- Cost/$30k Valued Outpost Service Dog placement
  • Interactive Exhibits, local Community support Veterans, guiding life connectivity vs. suicide
  • Hero Survivor – Children – Rover Puppy placement
  • Walmart Families Outpost Support Camp / Critical Health or Trauma Incident
  • Volunteer – Picnic Lunch Meet up with Staff – Honor Reward
A Virtual Portal – Communication of Rover Outpost Updates for Partner Managers / Staff

Benefits as a Partner with Rover Service Dog Outpost

Interactive Local Community – Outpost Rover Visits
Outpost Team – Mercedes, Jet Baer, Shaeba, Troyae, Taesha, Polaer Baer, Trigger, Naekota, Laela, and Rocket Blonde

Health Vitality / Guidance / Life Skills Module for Businesses & Orgs –
available to Schools & Co. Sheriffs & Police!

Rover Outpost Partnership / Volunteer Support Opportunity
  • Donate Volunteer Service – Erect a Kennel Fence / Drill Fence Post Holes / Light Excavation / Tree Branch Trim on oak trees near kennel area
  • Sponsor a Rover Outpost Puppy / Service Dog
  • Volunteers to Mentor – Mentor/Grow a Young Rover Service Dog / “like my pet” by communicating this opportunity to Employee Network
  • Volunteer on Outpost Team “Point of Contact” events
  • Share donations of Dog Food, Blankets, Leashes, Rugged Dog Toys, & Kennel Pens

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    Health Vitality Boost / Interactive Portal

    Walmart Staff & Family Access Virtual Portal – Communication of Rover Outpost Updates
    Heroes Kids Puppy
    Play Video
    Rovers Troyae & Mercaedes 23 months
    Play Video
    Heroes Kids Puppy
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