Join us in support in 2021 with Donations to help
Rover Service Dogs, share an Outpost Service Dog with a Hero or Hero Child.
Our focus with funding is to Purchase a Campus Property for outreach to embrace Disabled or Traumatized Heroes, their spouse, and their children.

Heroes & Families can visit Heart In America Outpost campus
and interact with our Circle of Outpost Service Dogs,
Receiving support for healing and becoming whole in Disability or Trauma.

Thank you for your support!

Rover Service Dogs

“Innovative Inter-Communities,
  Life Resource”

Our Rover Service Dogs, is an outreach design, committed to guide Military Veteran, connect with a Life Navigational Resource vs. risk of suicide or difficulty navigating in Disability. Innovative Commodity for Force-First Responder + Veterans.

Mission: Providing a Community Asset / Healing-Guide Resource

Our primary focus is developing Young Rovers into a Placement Service Dog & Outreach Service Dog, designed for disability assistance & healing to Community Service Heroes & Children. Military Veteran-Veteran’s Child / 1st Responders / Families & Ministry Staff – Children: PTSD-Trauma, Injury, TBI, Toxic Chemical Injury, Mobility & SPD-Autistic Child skill development, Disabled Christian Minister.

Our program design includes interactive Rovers connections with the candidate & family during the training and placement.

Rover SErvice Dogs - Survival Adventure
PSD-Autistic / Injured Children
Rover Service Dogs - Join Our Team