Raise a Hero Dog

Raise a Hero Dog

Of all the gifts you could give, this is the greatest

If you have ever seen a service dog working in public and wondered, “How do they get the dog to do that? My dog could never behave like that!” – we are about to tell you the secret: 90% of the work was done by someone just like you.

Not by a professional dog trainer. Not because the dog is some rare, miraculous specimen. But because the dog was lovingly raised and trained from puppyhood by a dedicated puppy raiser. Someone just like you.

Raising a Hero Dogs puppy is truly a labor of love and involves a tremendous commitment of time, labor, resources, and your heart. This offering to one of our nation’s heroes would be priceless. It is difficult to express what a service dog means to his partner and what your contribution to that person’s life would be. If you have ever had a dog of your own, you know the special bond you achieve with a beloved pet. Imagine if that dog was your lifeline as well as your companion! Your gift of puppy raising could make that happen for one of our heroes. Will you open your home and your heart to a Hero Dogs puppy?

Raise a Puppy, Save a Life